Why do you have a wine club?

Many of our wines are in such demand that they sell out quickly. We want to ensure that customers who want to regularly enjoy our wines are guaranteed access and availability.

How many wine clubs does Mandoon Estate have?

We currently have two; the Mandoon Estate Wine Club and The 100 Club.

How many bottles are in each shipment?

The Mandoon Estate Wine Club ships 12 wines 2 times a year for a total of 24 bottles-or 2 cases. The 100 Club ships 12 wines 4 times a year for a total of 48 bottles-or 4 cases.

How much does it cost to join the wine club?

It is free to join. You simply pay for the wine and shipping.

How much does it cost to join the 100 Cabernet club?

A joining fee of $175 applies. This includes your exclusive Magnum. Your magnum will be shipped with your first case.

What is the cost per case?

Wine Club

Wine Club shipments cost an average of $ 350 for winemakers selection

100 Club

100 Club shipments are up to the value of $595 per shipment.

Choose Your Own

Choose your Own members have full flexibility of the cost of their shipments and can choose a combination of 12 bottles to suit their preferences and budgets.

How do you decide what to ship?

We generally ship our newest releases so you can enjoy them and stock up before they’re made available to the general public.

When are shipments sent?

Wine Club Shipments are sent in May & November.

100 Club are sent in February, May, August and November

May I order additional wine?

Yes, as a Mandoon Estate Wine Club member you may place an order anytime by contacting our Cellar Door by phone 08 6279 0500 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

How do I change my membership information such as credit card or shipping address?

You may change your membership info simply by notifying our cellar door staff.

What if I am not at home to receive a shipment?

The shipper will attempt to deliver the package or will leave a notice and ask you to make re-delivery arrangements. We strongly recommend using a business address for your shipments since wine shipments require the signature of a person over 18 years of age. If you know you will not be home due to holiday or travel at the time of shipping, you can notify our cellar door staff and we would be happy to hold your shipment until you return.

When will I receive my gift certificate?

You will receive your gift certificate around the time of the anniversary of your first year as a member. This will be sent by post to the address on your application form.

Can I opt to collect my wines from Mandoon Estate?

Yes, members are invited to choose either delivery or collection for their club shipments. This will automatically be set to delivery. Members are asked to advise us in writing if you wish to collect your shipment from our cellar door.

How long am I committed to the wine club?

Members may cancel their membership in writing anytime within 30 days of their next shipment.

Do you offer a gift membership?

You can purchase a gift club membership for any duration of time (minimum of 1 year). Gift club recipients will receive a personalized gift card. Gift club memberships enjoy all the benefits we offer to our club members for the duration of their membership.

What is the difference between Winemakers Selection & Choose your Own?

Winemakers Selection

Our head winemaker selects one dozen bottles for our member’s packs. This will include a variety of wines from our cellar he believes Club Members will appreciate. These will include current cellar door wines, museum wines and pre-release wines. Some he believes are suitable for immediate drinking and others will be suitable for cellaring.

Choose Your Own

May 2018 saw the introduction of the “Choose Your Own” option for our members. Providing our members with more flexibility and choice, this option allows members to choose your own dozen from a list provided by Mandoon Estate. This list is selected by our winemaker and is very similar to that of the winemakers Selection wines. It will include our current release wines, some museum wines and pre-release wines.
Members will receive a list by email two weeks before payment date, make your choices and return by reply email.

Can I change my preferences from Red, White or Combination?

Members have the choice to receive Red Wine, White Wine or a combination of the two. Or perhaps you would like Red Wine in the cooler month of May and White & Sparkling Wine in November leading into summer and Christmas – it’s your choice. Members are welcome to change this at any stage by contacting our Wine Club Coordinator or Cellar Door in writing.

What is a Museum and Pre- Release wine?

A museum wine is a wine that is currently maturing in our cellar and not available for sale to the general public. It may have been previously released in cellar door, then a small portion stored in the cellar to age and mature. These wines are not available in our cellar door and generally only made available to our wine club members at shipment time. You may also see these wines from time to time on the museum wine list in the Wild Swan Restaurant.

A pre-release wine is a wine that has not yet been released in our cellar door or wine lists. From time to time previews will be available in wine club shipments or events.

What is timeframe for the shipments?

  1. Wine Club Members receive shipments twice a year – May and November
  2. At the beginning of the shipment month, members will be sent an email reminding them of the shipment and advising date timeline.
  3. This is the opportunity to reply by email with updated credit card details or delivery preferences.
  4. “Choose your Own” members will be sent the list of choices and have 2 weeks to return the completed selections. If these selections are not received, members will receive the Winemakers Selections.
  5. Payments are processed around the middle of the month and the wine shipped within 24 hours of payment
  6. Wine is shipped and tracked using the Australia Post Wine Delivery Service and is delivered within 5 – 7 working days.
  7. Tracking numbers can be requested from Wine Club Co-ordinator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Where can I use my discounts and points?

Wine Club Members are welcome le to use their Wine Club discounts and points in the following areas at Mandoon Estate :

  • Cellar Door – receiving 15% off full priced wine and shipments
  • Homestead Brewery & Wild Swan – 10% off dining
  • The Colony – receiving special offers on accommodation packages

Where is my card no available to use?

Wine Club discounts do not apply on purchases at The Llawn, The Deli, Art Gallery or Cellar Door store merchandise.